Many of our Users come to Attio with a lot of data to import from previously used apps. You can easily centralize all of your data into Collections using CSV files.

**To map to existing Contacts the following fields are required:

  • Email Address for individual contacts.
  • Domain for company contacts.

How to import

  • In a Collection, click Import / Export in the top right corner of your Table or Kanban View.
  • Choose or drag and drop the .csv file you'd like to import.

Map to existing attributes

  • After importing your file, you will be asked to select corresponding attributes for each column.
  • Select from the list of existing Collection attributes to map your data.

Create new attributes

If a corresponding attribute does not previously exist, you can create new attributes while importing.

  • Select + in the top right of the attribute menu.
  • Select the type of attribute you would like to create (multi-select, user, status, etc.).
  • Select Continue once all desired columns are mapped with new or existing attributes.
  • Note: you can also skip any columns you do not want imported.

Reconciliation Review

  • If you are importing data with new Attributes or new Options in an existing Attribute, you will be asked to map each value.
  • Each CSV Column without complete corresponding values will be flagged. Select any flagged attribute to move on to configuration.
  • Select the x to the right of each Invalid Value to enter and create the correct value.
  • Select Confirm column when done.
  • Repeat this process for each highlighted Column.
  • Select Continue when all Columns are confirmed.

Start your import

  • Attio will confirm the number of Collection Entries that will be updated or created.
  • If there is an existing entry for a Contact in the CSV file, Attio will ask you to confirm if the import is meant to update existing data or create a new separate entry.
  • Once you have confirmed the above, you can select Start import to add your data to the Collection.

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