Attio's merging features help you clean up duplicate Contacts and Organizations and merge them into one master record.

What happens when you merge a record?

  • When merging records you combine the record data, collection entries, notes, and tasks from a source record with a master record.
  • The master record is the record that will remain after the merge.
  • The source record will be permanently deleted.
  • You can decide which duplicate is the source and which is the master by toggling between the two.

Merging Records

You can merge any record with any other directly from their Record page.

  • Click the button in the top right corner of the Record page.
  • Select Merge Records.
  • Click Select a record to find the duplicate at hand.
  • Select Merge Records in the bottom right to combine the data.

Detecting Duplicates

  • Attio detects duplicate records using the domain of Organizations and the email of Contacts.
  • If a duplicate domain or email is added to a record, you will be prompted to merge the two.

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