A little note from the team

We're committed to ensuring your team is migrated to Attio seamlessly so that you get the most out of the update straight away.

We'll be reaching out to every team individual to schedule product demo's, migrations, and training in the coming months but wanted to answer your most pressing questions first.

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to the team using the chat widget at the bottom of this page. We look forward to working with you on this transition soon!


When will Attio be released?

The Goal is to release Attio in 2020. We understand that is a bit vague but we want our customers to love the new release which may require dates to slide forward and backward during the fine tuning process. We will keep you looped in every step of the way with any updates.

Can I stay on Fundstack?

In the long term all Fundstack customers will be upgraded to Attio.

Will Fundstack be sunset?

All Fundstack customers will be upgraded to Attio eventually. However, this won't happen until Attio is launched and feature rich. There will also be a transition period to allow for plenty of time to migrate as smoothly as possible.

Will I get help migrating to Attio?

There will be plenty of support available and your data migration will be handled for you. We will contact you to plan your migration and make you aware of exact dates for your upgrade.

Will my contract change?

No. Until your subscription renews the terms of your original Fundstack agreement remain in place. The only thing that changes is the wording we use to refer to our platform, instead of 'Fundstack' we refer to it as 'Attio'. And a short paragraph in our Attio T&Cs put that name change in place.

Once your subscription renews while you are on Attio the full new Attio Terms and Conditions will apply instead of any old terms.

We can offer custom contracts for some customers, and if this is interesting to you please get in touch in advance of your renewal by e-mailing [email protected]. Please note, custom contracts will only be available under the Enterprise plan.

Will Attio be priced differently?

It's important for us that migrating to Attio makes your life as a customer better - and this value also extends to pricing.

We plan on publishing a new pricing structure for customers who newly sign up for Attio. To show that we value you as an existing customer, we will review your existing pricing when you migrate from Fundstack to Attio: If your existing pricing is higher than what a new Attio customers would pay we will offset that: your account will be set to automatically renew on the lower pricing plan and we will issue credit to your account for the difference between the higher and the lower pricing while you are using Attio under your old agreement.

What are the benefits of the Attio upgrade?

Attio represents our biggest product update to date. We have rearchitected the entire platform with a focus on real-time collaboration, network management, and customizable workflows improving just about every feature you love.

What features will I loose with Attio?

The upgrade to Attio represents the biggest change in our product history and the majority of use cases will be vastly improved. With that said, there will be changes to the product features you are familiar with but no functionality will be lost. 

Our team will be available to help you build your workflows in Attio and make sure you get the most out of the new product.

What features are not yet available on Attio?

We are still hard at work on improving the following features for Attio:

  • Reporting
  • Chrome Extension

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