Adding in new or existing Contacts into Collections can be done from any View.

Contacts can have multiple entries in the same Collection, each tracked separately but combined on the profile page.

Adding a Contact entry on a Kanban View

  • Select + in the Status group you would like to add a record entry to.

Adding a Contact entry on a Table View

  • Select + in the first row of your table to add in a Contact.
  • Select entires to the right of the table to remove them from the Collection.

Adding in a new Contact to your Workspace

  • You can add in new contacts to your Workspace within a Collection.
  • Start by adding the Contact in the same way you an existing record.
  • Select + Add person or + Add company if no matching options appear.
  • You can also add in new Contacts using our Email Forwarding features.

Adding an entry into a Collection from a Contact page

  • Add a new entry to any Collection from the top right of the Contact page.
  • Click the icon.
  • Select the appropriate Collection.
  • Fill out Collection Attributes under details.

Adding Contacts from one Collection to another

  • Select Records to the left of the table, or a group of records in the top left corner.
  • Use filters to quickly select a group of records based on custom criteria.
  • Select Add to Collection... in the top right of the table.
  • Select the Collection in the drop down that you would like the Records added to.

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