Create a Kanban

There are two main ways of adding a Kanban to your Workspace.

  • Select Kanban as an initial View when creating a Collection.
  • Or Create a new View within a Collection from the top right of your Collection Table.
  • Select a Status field you would like the records grouped by.

Collection Attributes and Record Details

  • Open a Record card on your board in the top right by clicking the ⌞⌝ 
  • Toggle on Attributes for display in the Collection tab.
  • View details of the record, like emails and files, in the additional tabs.

Sort Records

  • Sorting can be changed on the top right under View Settings.
  • Select the desired property to Sort by.
  • Then select the condition ↑Ascending or ↓Descending.

Group Records

  • Grouping can be changed on the top left of your Kanban board.
  • Select the desired property to group by.

Filter Records

  • Select Add Filter, then select the Attribute you would like to filter by.
  • Choose the condition applied to your filter (contains, is equal to, etc.).
  • Choose the value of the Attribute to filter by.
  • Add multiple filters at a time in the same way and switch between and/or conditions.
  • Group filters by a separate and/or condition by selecting the + next to your filter.
  • Remove filters by clicking the X to their right.

Hide Columns

  • Hide certain columns from a View to focus in on pieces of your pipeline.
  • Select View Settings then go to Hidden columns.
  • Toggle off any stage columns you would like to hide from this View.

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