Attio allows you to sync multiple email accounts with your Workspaces.

Syncing a new Email account

  • Go to your Personal Settings page.
  • Select the Email Accounts tab on the left.
  • Click Connect Email Account with the appropriate provider.

You will then be taken through the provider authorization flow, granting Attio access to sync with your email. 

Sharing Settings and Blacklist

  • Once you've connected your email account, you can choose between two different sharing levels.
  • Click the symbol to the right of an email to open your Sharing Settings.
  • Metadata Only shares only the participants and timestamp of each email with your Workspace.
  • Subject line and metadata shares metadata and subject lines with your Workspace.
  • Both sharing levels exclude the email content which is only shared when you grant access to members of your Workspace.
  • The default sharing level is Subject line and metadata.
  • Blacklist domains or email addresses to stop syncing emails with certain contacts.

Removing a synced Email account

  • Select the email you would like to remove from your Workspace.
  • Click Remove Account.
  • All email correspondence will be removed from your Workspace.

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