The classic view of a database, tables allow you to manage your Collection Records and Attributes in a spreadsheet style.

Create a Table

There are two main ways of adding a Table to your Workspace.

  • You can select Table as an initial View when creating a Collection.
  • Or create a new Table within a Collection from the top right of your View.
  • Select Table in the + Create a View dropdown menu.
  • Select a Status field you would like the records grouped by.

Create Attribute Columns

  • Select + to the right of your last column.
  • Choose between existing attributes and communication intelligence, or create something new.
  • Select the + at the top right of the dropdown to create a new attribute field.
  • Some Attribute types, like Select and Multi-Select, will require options. Those can be created while adding data into cells or at the top of the Attribute field.
  • Read more about the different types of Attributes you can create here.

Edit Metadata

  • Easily move through the table using your keyboard to fill in information.
  • Edit attribute fields at any time.
  • All updates are made in real-time across your Workspace.

Sort Records

  • Select View Settings on the top right of your table.
  • Select the Attribute you would like to sort by.
  • Then select the condition ↑Ascending or ↓Descending at the bottom of the menu.

Filter Records

  • Select Add Filter in the top right of your table.
  • Select the Attribute you would like to filter by.
  • Choose the condition applied to your filter (contains, is equal to, etc.).
  • Choose the value of the Attribute to filter by.
  • Add multiple filters at a time in the same way and switch between and/or conditions.
  • Group filters by a separate and/or condition by selecting the + next to your filter.
  • Remove filters by clicking the X to their right.

Comment on Records

  • Hover over a record and click the comment bubble on the right.
  • Type out your thoughts and click Post.
  • Tag users using @ to get their attention.
  • Read past comments and reply to others in the same way.

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