Attributes allow you to add smart data and create custom fields associated with records in Collections. Sort and filter by attributes to drill down into your workflows. 

Enriched Attributes

Attio comes with a set of smart attributes that are auto-populated based on the data we source about your Contacts and Companies including:

  • Record details: Location and Creation data.
  • Communication intelligence: Last Contacted, Connection Strength, and Strongest Connection. 

Custom Attributes

You can create any number of custom fields around your workflows.

  • Text: Staple text fields for free form data points.
  • Date and Time: Track due dates, timestamp records, or schedule follow ups.
  • Number: Track different types of quantitative values such as percentages.
  • Currency:  Select your currency and track monetary values.
  • Checkbox: Record yes or no answers in a visual way.
  • Record: Link other Company or Contact records as data points.
  • User: Track owners or assignees with a selection of Members in your workspace.
  • Status: Track what stage of your workflow each Record is in.
  • Select and Multi-select: Selection of tags defined by you.

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