Stay on top of things and collaborate with your team by creating, assigning, and tracking tasks. 

The Tasks Page

  • The Tasks page, found on the top of your Sidebar, hosts all tasks from across the Workspace.
  • Switch between My Tasks or All Tasks in the top right of the page.
  • Show completed tasks for an overview of what's been done.
  • Edit tasks to update assignees, due dates, or any other content.

Tasks on Records

  • Each record also has a dedicated Tasks tab on their page.
  • You can manage and create new tasks here exactly like on the Tasks page.

Creating Tasks

  • Select  + Add Task under Today to create a new Task.
  • Type @ and a Members name to mention to assign a task.
  • Type @ and a Company or Contact name to link a record.
  • Use natural language to set due dates when creating reminders such as call Tuesday at 7pm , follow up next week, or check-in in September.

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