Contact pages are a profile for each company and individual in your network including the data, emails, files, and notes surrounding them.

Contact Details

  • Auto-Enriched Data: Attio automatically enriches your Contact profiles with carefully sourced data.
  • Connection Data: Attio surfaces important insights into your relationships such as last contacted date and connection strength.

Contact Activity

On every profile you will find an Activity timeline which tracks the following key insights:

  • First Seen: when your team first spoke to this Contact.
  • Collection Activity: whenever the Contact was added to and updated within a Collection.
  • Notes: any Note created under the Contact.

Activity Tabs

  • Emails: Attio automatically captures your team's interactions with each Contact. Each user can manage access to their communications separately.
  • Files: Sync your 3rd-party provider or directly upload related files into a dedicated storage space for future access and safe keeping.
  • Tasks: Create, assign, and keep tabs on Tasks associated with each Contact.
  • Notes: Capture ideas, share notes, and collaborate on thoughts regarding each Contact.

Contact Attributes

  • Smart Attributes: auto-populated fields created with data pulled from our numerous online sources.
  • Shared Attributes: custom Attributes that have been shared with you across Collections.

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