Company records are a profile for each Company in your network including the data, emails, files, and notes surrounding them.

Relationship Details

  • Auto-Enriched Data: Attio automatically enriches your Company profiles with carefully sourced data.
  • Strongest Connection: Attio scores the strength of each of your relationships using a proprietary algorithm to unlock a key insight. 

Relationship Activity

  • Emails: Attio automatically captures your team's interactions with each Company. Each user can manage access to their communications.
  • Files: Upload related files into a dedicated storage space for future access and safe keeping.
  • Tasks: Create, assign, and keep tabs on Tasks associated with each Contact.
  • Notes: Capture ideas, share notes, and collaborate on records while staying organized.

Contact Attributes

  • Smart Attributes: auto-populated fields created with data pulled from our numerous online sources.
  • Shared Attributes: custom fields that have been shared with you across Collections.

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