Attio is built to manage your relationships and the workflows around them.

Sync with Attio.

Integrating your email with Attio automatically pulls in your network as the basis of your Workspace.

Each Company and Contact has a dedicated record, hosting related emails, files, notes and more.

Build your workspace.

Create Collections of your Contacts and Companies associated with a workflow, like a recruitment or sales process.

Then breakdown the same data in different configurable Views such as a Table or Kanban board to manage the many facets of your workflow.

Work with your team.

Invite members to your Workspace, share Collections, and collaborate in real-time.

Keep track of all your Tasks, Notes, and discussions across your workspace so nothing falls through the cracks.

Get Started!

Now that you have an overview of Attio you can start building your Workspace. Read more about Records, Collections, and Views in the Intro to Attio docs or get started building them out in Your Workspace!

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